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Welcome to Xtreme AV and Xtreme Cables...


Furutech Powerflux Power Cable

ASI LiveLine Interconnects


About Xtreme Cables...
As the name Xtreme Cables implies... our goal is to offer Xceptionally sounding and affordable Audio & Video cables. I feel that "system synergy" and "listener preferences" are instrumental in achieving your musical goals that will allow you to "Experience the Emotion in Music".

We offer cables from the following leading edge companies that offer best value product lines:

· Furutech OCC Wire Audio Cables & Furutech Pure Transmission Audio & Video cables
·  Acoustic System Int'l LiveLine Audio cables

About Xtreme AV...
Xtreme AV manufactures our top reviewed Audio & Video Contact Enhancers... including our QuickSilver™(QS 5.0g) all Silver Contact Enhancer, and our new and improved Liquid Resolution™ CD/SACD/DVD/BLU-RAY Enhancer.... products that are all GUARANTEED TO PERFORM!!!

     QuickSilver 5.0g Contact Enhancer            XAV QuickSilver GOLD 2.5g & 4.5g Contact Enhancer            XAV Liquid Resolution Optical Disc Enhancer System

The Company We Keep...
Xtreme Cables/Xtreme AV
is an Authorized Dealer for the carefuly selected companies listed below... high quality leading edge manufacturers that offer audio components and accessories that will help you "Experience the Emotion in Music".

  Xtreme Cables · Manufacturer    Acoustic System International   Marigo Audio
  Xtreme AV · Manufacturer    Atma-Sphere Music Systems   Oyaide
  Abbingdon Music Research (AMR)    Furutech Pure Transmission Cables   Running Springs Audio
  Acoustic Dreams    Furutech Pure Transmission Fuses   HiFi-Tuning Fuses

Audio Components...
If you are looking for the finest 2-channel audio tube gear... we strongly recommend Atma-Sphere Music Systems and Abbingdon Music Research. If you would like the finest 2-channel solid state components... we recommend Karan Acoustics.

AMR CD-77 Reference Class CDP             Atma-Sphere Music Systems S30 Mk3 OTL Amplifier              

Other Popular Audio & Video Accessories...

  Xtreme AV QuickSilver   Furutech Pure Transmission Fuses   HiFi-Tuning Silver Fuses
  Xtreme AV QuickSilver GOLD   Furutech GTX-D All Copper Outlets   HiFi-Tuning Silver + Gold Fuses
  Xtreme AV Liquid Resolution   Furutech Carbon Fiber Outlet Covers   HiFi-Tuning CD Demagnetizer
  Xtreme Cables X4 Carbon Fiber PCs   Furutech Cable Connectors   Marigo Audio Mystery Feet
  Xtreme Cables X6 Carbon Fiber ICs   Furutech LP/CD/Cable Demag   Oyaide Duplex Receptacles
  Acoustic Revive RR-77   Acoustic System Int'l Resonators   Oyaide WPC-Z Wall Plate
  Acoustic Revive RIO-5   Acoustic System LiveLine Cables   RSA Dimitri Power Conditioner

    RSA Dimitri   Furutech GTX-D All Copper Rhodium PlatedFurutech 104-D Carbon Fiber Duplex Outlet Cover Acoustic Revive RR-77 Schumann Frequency Generator   Furutech LP/CD/Cables Demag Furutech Pure Transmission Fuses  Acoustic System Int'l Room Tuning Resonators  

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